Business Analyst

We’ll take you higher…


Join Ascendco and help transform healthcare. Our mission is to spark an industry-wide movement to elevate performance in today’s surgical departments. Fueled by collaboration and inspired by innovation, we take pride in challenging the status quo with an energy that accelerates results.


In healthcare today, surgeons and clinical staff rely on manual and complex processes to ensure the right surgical devices are ordered, available and ready to perform when needed in surgery. Unfortunately, the current processes add stress to the clinical teams and increase the patient’s risk of experiencing surgical errors and delay.


Ascendco is an emerging health tech company that offers a streamlined process using a unique combination of data, analytics, software and expert guidance to help today’s top surgical departments work together to reach new heights.


This Business Analyst provides an unparalleled opportunity to advance and learn the most critical parts of healthcare from the inside/out. They work with an extended team to achieve clean data across all responsible departments, present benchmarks and analytics to reduce waste and inefficiencies, implement software to sustain streamlined processes, and train to ensure that our clients maintain a safe and balanced practice. The Business Analyst is responsible for verifying that work is consistently and effectively performed according to established core procedures, processes, and methodologies. They will work closely with clients and business consultants to ensure maximum benefit from our technology and solutions are fully realized.



  • Drives quality improvements across projects and processes 

  • Customer relationship management

  • Communicate and support advanced analytics 

  • Oversees and supports data collection plans 

  • Supports software training and implementation

  • Develops other members of the Ascendco team 

  • Helps design training curriculums and project management templates




  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Healthcare, Economics, Science or related field

  • A minimum of 1-year experience in related field or with a top organization.

  • A proven track record of leadership, hard work, and strategic thinking.

  • Willing to travel and work on client sites

  • Good business sense

  • Team player, open, pleasure to work with and positive in a group dynamic

  • Loyal and reliable

  • Highest ethical standards

  • Driven, hard-working, entrepreneurial, proactive and productive


Preferred Professional Skills

  • High potential to learn, adapt and advance skillsets.

  • Expert in keynote and Microsoft Excel (pivot tables, statistical analysis with Excel functions, data mining)

  • Strong presentation skills 

  • Basic quantitative analysis skills 

  • Project Costing and cost modeling 

  • Business Case development 

  • Client facing consulting experience

  • Marketing and/or complex b2b sales experience

  • Able to pass Operational Excellence skills assessment administered by an Operational Excellence Master Black Belt


Our Commitment to You

  • Your entrepreneurial spirit and vision will be rewarded, and your success will fuel opportunities for career advancement.

  • You will be exposed to the most critical parts of healthcare and learn the knowledge required to grow and run a business

  • You will make a difference for impressive clients and the future of healthcare

  • You will be inspired to learn and grow by the team around you.


Getting to the top takes work, but with the right people and technology it’s a rewarding journey. Reach your peak and become an Ascender today.

Brian Reed