Instrumental. Ascenders.

We know our way around health systems, which means we’re well acquainted with the various partners and vendors that may be connected with yours.

Not only do we know these folks, we work with them. And everyone. And everything. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to work seamlessly with whatever vendors or systems you have in place. We succeed by helping you succeed. Moving forward. Rising up. Together.

Ascendco Commitment

With the Ascendco process, staff will work together in more positive ways, patients will unknowingly benefit, health systems will save money and resources, and surgeons will be satisfied with the level of operational excellence.

Simply. Instrumental.

Intro to THE TEAM

At Ascendco, we believe the key to achieving surgical excellence lies in teamwork and understand that no two health systems or institutions are the same.

We pride ourselves on understanding our partners needs so we can create a tailored approach for achieving peak performance. Through a unique combination of data, analytics, and software, Ascendco offers expert guidance to help today’s top surgical departments work together to reach new heights.

Ascendco Philosophy

Team Mission & Culture

Client Focus & Impact

Ascendco Philosophy

Client Focus & Impact

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Instrumental Careers

We are a Chicago-based healthcare technology company devoted to transforming the way health systems purchase and manage surgical devices.