Surgical Assessment Management


Hospitals require an enterprise – level platform that fuses systems together in a way that allows for greater automation, efficiency, and security across your entire organization.

Meet Sonar. Designed to simplify and automate your process to track, monitor and retrieve surgical assets seamlessly.


The powerful software platform that will transform your health system. Discover how you can better manage your workflow processes, and productivity.

Seamlessly. Simply.

It’s fair to say the only thing more important in a hospital than the medical instruments themselves are the ones who buy, supply, prepare, and ensure they are in the places they need to be. They are the real instruments. The instruments of progress. Of health. Of precision. Of change.

So it comes as no surprise that Ascendco is fashioned in their likeness and offers a platform to define and guide your preferred process and workflow ensuring your instruments are in the right place and the right time every time. 

Meet Sonar