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She always gets every patient’s name right. We’ll do the same for her instruments. And more.

Instrumental Integrity

Instrumental integrity. Since count sheets serve as the window into your instrument, tray, and peel pack inventory, we think the view should be crystal-clear. We start by collecting and cleaning your surgical data. We finish with on-site, in-person investigative work that yields accurate and standardized count sheets without mismatches or redundancies. We make sure to get your data right, so you have count sheets you can rely on.

A more accurate understanding of inventory. For better ORs and increased ROI.

Instrumental Awareness

Once your count sheets are in order, we develop a more accurate representation of the physical trays and quantities in your facility. That means identifying tray types, where they live, what you use every day, and what you’re not using at all. You’ll find that this  process makes a huge difference in your operating room, in your storage room, and on your balance sheet.

What We Do

What You See

Repurpose tray contents from sleeping inventory
Cost savings and additional trays in circulation
Remove sleeping inventory
Free-up storage space and repurpose instruments into active inventory
Correct duplicate labels
Increase traceability
Adding inventory to tracking that is currently not captured
Increased trust and confidence in system and data integrity