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Better Process. Better Results.

Instrumental Consulting

We know our stuff because we live it. Every day. With you. Beside you. Walking in your footsteps, from the OR to the SPD and everything in between. This hands-on experience empowers us to use our technology to foster transformative efficiency and accuracy, ensuring the right people and processes are in place to deliver the right surgical instruments and devices—where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

Process Workflow

Instrumental Assistance

Tell us what’s keeping you up at night, and we’ll provide a customized plan to take care of it. Whether you’re anxious about scan compliance or worried about pick list accuracy, we’ll be there, both onsite and offsite, to get you where you want to be.

3.323 Report Analytics Scanning Compliance


The increasing number of process steps can lead to unnecessary complexity, making it harder for staff to understand expectations and know what, and what not, to do. 


Ascendco can help optimize your workflows.


Our expert consultations and advanced analytics identify and reinforce critical steps to help monitor each of them for compliance.


Instrumental Insight

See your data cleansed completely, organized intelligently, and visualized brilliantly, so your team can align on opportunities to eliminate waste, decrease spending, and elevate surgical quality. Rely more on data and less on clinical opinion to improve how you balance your spend and process. That’s the power of understandable, actionable analytics.

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Although instrument purchasing is increasing in most hospitals, inventory availability as well as low instrument utilization continue to plague surgical departments.


Ascendco can leverage your data and offer tools to help balance your inventory while reducing unnecessary surgical tray waste.


Using asset valuation and advanced analytics, we monitor spending trends and backup modules to help you purchase what you need, when you need it. Our methods for tray optimization and standardization are all about simplifying and balancing your inventory to streamline instrument flow.


Instrumental Staffing

Transform your workforce and tap into the potential of your people. We’ll help by analyzing your workflows and automating processes so you can make the kind of data-driven staffing decisions that keep your hospital on budget, on time, and on track.

3.343 Staffing


Knowing how many staff members are needed to meet surgical demand can be difficult. Especially when there’s little to no insight regarding instrument volume and overall productivity. However, getting it right is essential.


Ascendco’s platform is the key to planning your staffing needs. We’ll help you ensure you have just the right amount of staff and that they’re in the places you need to get the job done.


We analyze your productivity across your workflow so that you can predict staffing needs based on projected surgical volume.