instrumental benchmarking

Standardizing the working labor hours needed to process instruments allowing leadership to focus on are decreasing burnout and increasing staff retention. This metric can be used to forecast demand needs and is inclusive of non- instrument producing tasks such as scan to case, transport, team huddles, etc. Health system comparisons generate the transparency needed to support patient demand equally at all of your locations.

Benchmarking - Assembly Speed
3.522 Quality Audit Fail Rate

Quality Audit Fail Rate

Auditing items prior to sending them into surgery facilitates proactive capture of quality events and gives leadership the information required to conduct focused education and improvement initiatives to improve the quality of care for patients and employees.

Missing Instrument rate

Inventory is expensive, when inventory is not available that strains the system and generates a waste in investment. Monitoring the missing instrument rate in your fleet ensures leadership is maximizing the usage rate of your inventory and shifts your strategy to proactively ordering and maintaining proper backup instrumentation.

Missing Instrument Rate