The Benefits & Complexities of Offsite Reprocessing

The building of offsite reprocessing centers is an idea that has been growing in popularity in recent years.

The benefits are obvious: centralized processes, cost reduction, increased quality, reduction of redundancies, increased efficiency, the list goes on. Centralization has been proven to reduce cost and increase quality in other industries, and many are optimistic that opening an offsite center will guarantee positive results.

The complexities and potential pitfalls that come with moving reprocessing to an offsite location are often looked over during the decision-making and planning phases. True instrument and inventory planning are difficult. An objective understanding of what is needed to accommodate the offsite is absolutely required for a successful grand opening. From last-minute case additions or trauma cases to the challenges of transportation and coordination, you must have a plan in place to manage risk and execute properly.

Each health system interested in tackling this challenging initiative must consider different factors.

Every offsite is unique in its ability to enhance the processes of the facilities it services as it must meet their specific needs. Healthcare Purchasing News created a checklist for assessing your Offsite Sterile Processing Readiness.* Consider the following categories and decide: is your team ready?

  1. Demand for processing
  2. Geography and transportation requirements
  3. Data integrity and process standardization
  4. Inventory management and service level
  5. Clinical environment
  6. Supply chain expertise
  7. Integration with a strategic vision
  8. Buy-in from leadership

Industry experts at Ascendco Health are prepared to answer your questions and dive deeper into the Readiness analysis with you. We understand the complexities of the planning process and we are here to help make your offsite a success!

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