Today we have Brian Reed, CEO of Ascendco Health, speaking about the support offered here at Ascendco. We asked Brian what sets us apart from the industry standard and how that came to be. He summarized it in three points for us.

First is our 24/7 365 support availability. Of course, there is the typical support for first shift due to the “standard” working hours, but what about 2nd, 3rd, and weekend shifts? Well that’s where we stand out. Our support team is always available and operates as if help was built into their DNA. Our team is designed to go above and beyond and do whatever it takes to help the client. The biggest thing we pride ourselves in is that we are an available and live resource for the off shifts. Historically, those shifts have been isolated and it is, as we all know, a stressful environment. There is a lot of pressure and there are always things that can go wrong. Knowing they have someone at their disposal around the clock that is willing to help, whether it takes two minutes or an hour to find a resolution, is a stress reliever in itself.

Second, is our “breakfast club” here at Ascendco. Our company has attracted people from the industry that are detail oriented and have a knack for technology. We pride ourselves in having a diverse team who has not only been in the sterile processing space, but also in surgery, materials, etc. That is what sets us apart: our team knows the ins and outs of the everyday life of surgical services because they have been there themselves. Our people spend their days working on our data integrity, working with users, and gathering feedback. They know the system intimately, are highly mission oriented, and are constantly focused on end user satisfaction.

Third, our philosophy is that support is also a proactive and continuous activity rather than operating like age-old companies where support is waiting by the phone. Our proactiveness and continuousness is expressed through our CSM team. Our CSM team members are actively educating and working with our clients to better understand how to incorporate analytics into their management styles and planning processes. They are also teaching them how to operationalize new tools in the system and how to digitally transform their environment. This not only helps our SPD teams keep up with the changing times but also puts them in a prominent position when it comes to any conversation surrounding the surgical environment.

With all of that being said, we truly pride ourselves in the support and empowerment we provide our clients. In a direct quote from Brian, “Ascendco entered the market because we saw a void in support and we wanted to lean in to create an organization that was intentional, caring, and incentivized to listen – and we also just happen to be really good at creating software.”