The Missing Piece: Software to Meet Your Needs

For our purposes today, we are going to push aside the “No Tracking vs Tracking” argument and confidently agree that tracking systems are a necessary tool for sterile processing departments of all shapes and sizes. The systems of today are capable of providing valuable workflow enhancements and even more impressive automated reporting capabilities. Paper is out, scanners are in. But the real question that you might be puzzling over is: “Which system is right for us?”

A tracking system needs to fit a few key criteria in order to serve as the core component woven throughout sterile processing. Ascendco leans on decades of industry experience from leaders like you to define these hallmark traits of a quality tracking system. We believe each and every department in the nation would benefit from a system that:

  • Structures data entries to encourage database integrity
  • Contains standardized and accurate count sheet data
  • Provides staff with access to high-quality instrument images, IFUs, and other training materials
  • Eliminates manual processes and streamlines workflows
  • Supports historical record-keeping, simple querying or filtering, and complex trend analysis
  • Is configurable to mold around your specific facilities needs

After reading through our list, you might have a few bullet points of your own to add. Good! As you search for your “perfect fit,” make sure you take the time to decide what’s really important to you before you get started. And think big. You should have high expectations as you listen to software demos and sales pitches. This isn’t just a matter of purchasing a software program; this is a decision to increase efficiency and quality, to improve interdepartmental trust and communication, and to lead leveraging objective data alongside your expert knowledge.

Elevate your department by making the best choice for you!

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System too ridgid?

You may be settling for a legacy system.

“When appropriately implemented and maintained,

tracking software helps in the care and handling of surgical instruments.”

What kind of reports are you running daily?

Weekly? Monthly? What information are you still missing?