New Year, New Department!

Start fresh this year with clean count sheets! When we say clean we mean complete with accurate part number and supplier information, correct substitutions, high-quality instrument images, and helpful and informative notes and IFUs. At Ascendco, we believe a count sheet isn’t squeaky clean unless it has high-quality instrument images, properly identified surgeon preference and “critical if missing” instruments, and standardized instrument names.

Clean count sheets are the foundation of a successful operation. Establishing this foundation allows you to increase efficiency and quality while facilitating improved communication between departments. Imagine assembling a tray and having all the information you need to feel confident about your work. Now imagine Sterile Processing and OR teams speaking the same language when it comes to instruments. Next, picture how this increased quality and communication can improve the trust between Sterile Processing and the OR.

When we say we want to help you increase efficiency, quality, and communication between departments, the starting point is always your data foundation. With proper information and standard sort orders, your staff will get it right every time.

The new year is here, it’s time to usher in your new department!

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Clean them up!