The Complications of Quality

Quality is a complex and multifaceted subject that means different things to different people. It can seem daunting and complicated when discussing the consequences of low quality, exciting and empowering to highlight the reduction of quality events, or disappointing and overwhelming to face the truth of inadequate resources and tools to make a quality initiative possible.

At Ascendco, we see three primary areas when it comes to Quality. All of them are important, all of them should be measured, and all of them should be monitored.

  1. Post Procedure Quality Events – OR Quality Compliance when pre-processing trays post procedure
  2. OR Quality Events – SPD Quality Compliance when trays reach the patient
  3. Quality Audits – SPD Quality Compliance before trays reach the patient

But let’s try to simplify. Those three areas fall into two categories:

Reactive and Proactive

The path to true reform in regards to the reduction of quality events lies in the proactive action of performing and tracking Quality Audits. Making quality audits a focus and priority means problems become discoverable before they even arrive at the door to the operating room.

We’ve heard it before, we know you don’t have time for it. We know you don’t have people for it. We know you don’t have the right tools to help you track AND analyze the information. And we’re here to bring you a solution.

We have the time. We have the people. We have the tools.

We are ready to help you and your team

start acting instead of reacting.

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What is a tray audit?

The data gathered from tray audits can be used as the benchmark for current performance and starting point for identifying areas for improvement.

How does your department maintain quality when faced with high demand and urgency pressure?

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